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Direct from Korea in Stock! International buyers welcome!

NEW 15g with pink gold case without refill.
#21 shade/fair shade. Manufacture date: July 2013.
E-mail  fuuron@gmail.com to get it!

Shills Taiwan products also available @ http://comespreewithme.blogspot.sg/

Direct from Korea In Stock! International buyers welcome!

#1 color (Water Vanilla).  Fair/light shade.

Manufactured 2013 Nov.

New & sealed with case (without refill).

Moist & cooling application.

E-mail fuuron@gmail to get it!

Shills Taiwan also available @ http://comespreewithme.blogspot.sg/


Be completely surprised!

Enjoy and discover skincare, cosmetics, bath, food and other items in a package!

Have fun receiving and discovering!
Each package has different items!
Great as gifts for yourself, loved ones, friends!

Guys' packages also available!

Limited number of packages. E-mail to Reserve yours!

You’ll receive 3 or more surprise samples.
Full size, travel and trial size products.
The package will fit into a standard mailbox.

As we do not depend on brand companies, you will get to sample much more than what other beauty boxes are offering!

Korean, Japanese & International brands!!

History of Whoo
Dr Bronner's
The Face Shop
Crabtree & Evelyn
Margot Elena Tokyo Milk
& more! 

Spree-ing Taiwan is Fun!

Ur orders are sent once payment is received!
Order Any number of items!  From any Taiwan website!
Shop with your fingers!
bedlinen, Snacks, tea, food, shoes, bags, cosmetics, skincare, Naruko,
Payeasy, Ruten tw, Yahoo tw auction, Triumph & Wacoal lingerie,
Socks, Tattoo stockings, Nike, Reebok, Asics running shoes, sports bra,
and more!

Innisfree (reviews, purchase, haul)

Innisfree! Direct from Korea!
Korean Skincare, Cosmetics for Ladies & Guys!
Forest for Men, Eco Science (Jeju), Sensitive Skin series & more!
Creams, Serums, Skin, Emulsion, Sleep Masks, Face masks, Sunblock, Body Cleansers etc...
Browse Innisfree Korean website!  See the reviews there!

Order @ http://comespreewithme.blogspot.sg/

Leaders Insolution

Korean Skincare & Cosmetics! Waiting for you!
Face Masks, Aging-stop, Anti-Wrinkle, Moisturising Creams, Serums, Fluids...
Foot Mask
Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Lifesource Science Infusion, Activator...
Face Lifting
Mela-Tox, Collagen, Aquaringer face masks
Foam Cleansers
Advanced Melatox Whitening
Order @ http://comespreewithme.blogspot.sg/

While Stocks Last!

These are items that have received 4/5 star reviews at the Holika Holika website!

Very fresh products!
Just Arrived!
Contact: fuuron@gmail.com

Prices Include normal SG post!!
For registered mail, add $3.
Combined posting available!
Meet up for 3 items and above!

4 Colors Smooth Eggs Soap Special Set (1 Box) $28
Bulgarian Rose Petal Moisture Mask $37
Bulgarian Rose Pearly Blossom Cream Special Box Set (20ml Emulsion+20ml Skin) $38
Bulgarian Rose 12 hr Moisturizing Cream $37
Bulgarian Rose Petal Skin (Toner) $30
Bulgarian Rose Emulsion $30
Snow White Foam Cleanser $17 SOLD
Snow White Magic Film Mask Sheet 1 piece $7.50
Powder Sheets 1 each (Pumpkin, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Cacao) $6.50 each
Daily Garden Cleansing Foam 1 each (Aloe, Acerola, Lemon, Green Tea, Olive) $9 each
Apple Shine Peeling Toner $24
Apple Shine Scrub Foam $18
Apple Shine Turnover Sleeping Cream $28
Apple Shine Turnover Essence $28
Soda Pore Cleansing O2 Bubble Mask $28
Soda Pore Cleansing Foam $16
Soda Pore Cleansing Cream $20
Magic Salt Deep Cleansing Tissues $17
Oatmeal Essence Cleansing Cream $20
Plumping Heart Lifting Cream $28
Plumping Heart Essential Emulsion $23
Plumping Heart Essential Skin (Toner) $23
Smooth Egg Tightening Essence $25
Secret Source Hydro Gel Cream $28
Face 2 Change Liquid Roller #2 $35
Face 2 Change Cream Starter $25
Hello Holika Cat Blusher $38
Hello Holika Cat Highlighter $38
Merry Holika Owl #1 blush highlight $39
Color Change BB cream $35
Baby Bloom Foundation SPF30 PA ++ #1 $23
Baby Bloom Foundation SPF30 PA ++ #2 $23
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recovery Skin $42
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recovery Emulsion $42
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recover Cream $60
Black Caviar Wrinkle Recover Royal Essence $52
Shiny Homme Fresh Cleansing Foam $18
Juicy Hawaii Orangeade Cleansing Cream $14
Aqua Splash Ice Mask Sheet (2 pieces) $10 each
Shiny Homme Mask Sheets 1 each (Whitening, Aqua, Oil-Control) $3.50 each
Strawberry Magic Cover Pores Compact (SPF25 PA++) $25
New Strawberry Pore Concealer Magic Cover $18
Dark Circle Stealer Eye Mask $7.50

Holika Holika Spree

Enjoy Personal Sprees @ http://comespreewithme.blogspot.com

Taiwan + Korea = More than 200 websites for your Shopping Pleasure!
1-time airmail fee only!
Ur orders are sent once payment is received!

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